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India had always proved to be a safe haven for tigers in the past as people have worshipped nature and animals. Tigers belong to the cat family that includes lions, jaguars and leopards. Tiger is the largest of the living cats. There are five types of tigers on earth and Siberian tigers are the largest among all. Unfortunately, tigers are facing a grave danger of extinction, as large scale poaching is prevalent in the countries where these are found.

But with passage of time and change in perception of the world around us, rather with the increase in materialism, tigers were hunted on a large scale for money and medicinal purposes. Rising to the alarm of extinction, Project Tiger was conceived in 1973. Consequently, many forests were declared no-hunting zones and laws were framed for protection of tigers. Hence, the birth of national parks took place. India, being home to about 60% of the world's wild tiger population, is now the best hope for tiger survival.

The Indian tiger is second only to the Siberian tiger in size. Their power is tremendous. Male Indian tigers frequently weigh in excess of 250 kg and individuals in excess of 380 kg are verified. These may capture prey items in excess of 900 kg. The different varieties of tigers are: Royal Bengal Tiger, Indo Chinese tiger, Siberian tiger (also called Amur tigers), South China tiger, and Sumatran tiger.

Royal Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger has a richer color and darker stripes than the Siberian tiger. Bengal tigers occasionally have a coat that is white instead of orange. These white Bengal tigers have icy blue eyes and black, or brown stripes and a little brown coloring on the nose. he Bengal tiger grows to be only about 10 feet long (including the tail) and weighs in at around 400 to 600 pounds.

Royal Bengal Tiger, Tiger safari india, Tiger tours
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